My week in review

11 06 2006

Music: Cecilia Bartoli’s Parto, Parto Ma Tu, Ben Mio from Mozart’s La Clemenza Di Tito (I sang this piece once, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to sing)

Let’s see…. Sunday Becca had a BBQ and it was wonderful to see lots of friends, but sad to say goodbye to Katie 😦 Then I don’t really remember much about Monday except that frisbee was fun. Tuesday I worked training the new girl at lunch. Wednesday I took the kids swimming and had small group. Thursday I went down to Lenora’s and spent the night. Friday I cleaned house and worked and then went to a wine and cheese-esqe get together. I saw Alex. He just moved back from France last week. It was neat to talk to him. Then Saturday I worked in the evening again and afterward headed over to the coffee shop to see if Abby was there and low and behold Will, Nathan, David, and Jeff were all playing cards. So we hung out till closing time and then Abby and I came back to my place and I made a scrumptious omelet and we talked till about 1. I miss my girlfriends so much when I don’t see them! It was so nice to catch up with her. And to process some things I’ve been feeling about Mike and I.

So yesterday at work Mariah and I were setting up the back and she said “yes Senora” when I asked if she’d help me move a table, and I said “hehe, not quite, just Senorita”. Which made me think “but almost” and then it hit me. Today was the 10th! I looked at the clock and realized that I would probably be walking down the aisle just about then if things had gone as planned. That gave me quite a start. It kind of made me feel ill too because it kind of scared me how different my life could be right now so easily. So that was weird. Then I found out that the new girl was also engaged about the time I was and broke it off about a month after mine was ended because he was cheating on her. She’s also started dating again recently. It was so refreshing to talk to someone who really understood what it was like. It was interesting how she experienced alot of the same feelings and fears that I do.




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12 06 2006

oh, I miss girl time with you Goshen girls! (it’s great to have Meryl here though)

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