28 05 2006

Music: Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Summer is officially here in my opinion. It’s hot! Ummm… I love it. I’m sitting in the kitchen cooking Moroccan food for supper. It’s been a good start of the summer, if a bit boring at times. I don’t have alot I have to be doing, so it’s somewhat hard to motivate myself to do the things I should be doing. But I’ve been on the job hunt in Evanston, I’ve almost finished Shemaya’s blanket, I’ve spent time with my family and friends (and mike :), and I’ve been working a little at the Bluegill. It’s just so nice not to have a bunch of stuff hanging over my head. I’m alot happier without all the stress. I’ve been in some weird moods lately though. I think it’s a combination of people leaving, having such a dramatic shift in my schedule, feeling a bit uncertain about this new stage of life, and just generally things are CHANGING. I should be used to that, but it’s still put me in an apprehensive mood. I think one of the things that concerns me the most is that I wonder how well I’ll do having a full time job. Will I be responsible about it? I’d like to think so, we’ll see.
Today was Shemaya’s dedication. I love my family. I love spending time with them. I know I’ve said that alot, but it never ceases to make me really happy and thankful. Yeah for new life. 🙂 And now back to the food. Have a great summer everyone.




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