Leaving Goshen College

17 05 2006

Music: 5/4 Here We Go by Dispatch

It’s a beautiful day. In many ways. The sun is shining. I just finished my last final in my undergraduate degree (I’ll still have tests for the two classes I’m taking this summer, but no finals). My last official classroom type class at Goshen is done. So weird. I feel really strange about that. Glad, but sad. And strangely a bit ambivalent. I mean… it was good, but now it’s over. That’s how life works. On to the next thing. Life is one string of changes. You learn to adapt. You learn to let go. You learn to anticipate the next step. You learn to find joy in what is, look forward to what will be, and be glad for what was.

Enough philosophy. Ummmm… I’m going to see Wicked again 😀 Jenn wanted to give me something for grad/birthday. It’s too bad we didn’t think about it before she came, or we might have been able to work it out so that we could see it together. Although, there probably wouldn’t have been tickets anymore on the days that we would have been able to go. My internship doesn’t start up until June 10!!!! So I have some to relax without anything to worry about except working at the Bluegill. I hope I get enough hours there this summer. I need to earn some money. My internship with Elkart will be June 10-30 and then I’m at Goshen from July 10- Aug. 4 then I might move up to Chicago, or I might stay here. It depends on if I get a job that wants me to start soon. I think I’d rather stay here and wait to start a new job till September. I keep going back and forth about whether I’d rather be a nanny or an interpreter coordinator.

Yeah for summer. Yeah for school being done. Yeah for wonderful people in my life who make it all worthwhile.




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