Because I was recently chastized for not blogging recently ;)….

16 05 2006

Music: Mo ve’la bella mia da la Muntagna from Big Night

……or more because I’m procrastinating. It’s 1:00. I have a big final tomorrow that I’m going to do crappily on 😦 But I should pass the class. I really really hope I do anyways, I’d be surprised if I didn’t. I’d have to really really fail the exam. Which, depending on which questions he asks, I might.

My rash won’t go away! GRRRRRRR….. so sick of it.

Today was the final game for intramural ultimate frisbee. Because of some drama between the teams, it didn’t go so well, but technically my team won. In the “season” we only lost one game, so I really think we deserved it, but I was sad that there was conflict with something that was supposed to be just for fun. I played really poorly. I’m starting to think that it was a mistake to sign up for summer league. I felt like I was doing ok earlier, but today I touched the frisbee once (my cut was nice) but I dropped the frisbee as I slipped and fell on the wet grass. sign…. so pitiful.

Saw Honk! twice. It was good, especially for a 3 week production time. I thought Jessica was superbly cast, and did an excellent job. Miriam makes a beautiful and graceful swan, and Becca was the cutest duckling. The harmony on most of the songs was great. Overall, I was impressed 🙂 And it was downright fun.

Ok, back to the studying. No more distracting myself.




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17 05 2006

Honk! was a lot of fun…I also enjoyed it. And today is our last day of classes!!!! OMG, we’re graduating!! 😀

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