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11 05 2006

Music: More than Words by Eric Clapton

Ok, I know I’m lame and haven’t written a real post in a while, but whatever. I’ve been sick. Actually, I’ve been really sick for the past couple days. Head cold. Ick, and this really annoying rash that dad thinks is a viral rash called something or other. I’ll have to get the name from him. It’s not too itchy, but it spread like wildfire and looks pretty bad. May term class is going ok, but I’ve been missing class because of my sickness, so that doesn’t bode well for the final. Jenn comes on Saturday!!!! By the way, I know this is a really big request, but is anyone willing to pick her up from the airport on Saturday evening. I’ll pay gas, and you can even use my car. Sigh, I thought that my dad could do it, but my mom needs his help around the house. Let me know if you’re interested in a free trip to Chicago. I went and visited Lenora and Shemaya on Saturday. He’s so tiny and cute. I really enjoyed holding him and talking to Lenora and helping her finish the baby room (which looks amazing). I made nshima (ugali, sadza) with cooked greens and groundnut stew. I hadn’t had African food in a while so that was cool. I’m looking forward to visiting alot this summer. I also got to see Jenica’s track meet last week and Winston’s Tae Kwon Do class. She didn’t place, but she ran well, and this week she almost won the 400 meter, but was passed at the last minute. Winston got his yellow belt. It’s amazing having family around.

Mike and I almost broke up. I’ll tell you the story if you ask me. I’d write it here, but I’d rather tell in person. But it’s significant to me, so I thought I’d mention it. Almost is the operative word here. And I’m really glad. I’d like to see where this relationship might go. He’s a really unique individual. I mean, I guess everyone is, but I of what I know so far, I didn’t realize someone could fit me this well. It makes me realize how much in the past I told myself that I’d have to compromise alot because there just wasn’t someone who was going to see things the way I do, and be interested in me, and I in him, etc etc. I realize that it’s early, and I realize that the long distance thing might not work, and I realize that I tend to fall fast and hard and maybe not with enough evaluation of the relationship, but I feel really comfortable with this relationship, and am looking forward to taking things as they come.




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