Does the man I marry have to be a Christian?

18 04 2006

So here’s that list I made for my councilor. It was a really interesting exercise.
The person I marry needs to be someone who:
is faithful emotionally and sexually
is committed to openness and communication
has values they own
is an appreciator of the arts
wants children
is willing to spend time overseas!
values and gives non-sexual touch freely
is committed to emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual health
desires to have an egalitarian relationship
is socially conscious
is able to lead independent life, example: has his own group of guy friends, has a stable sense of self
is sexually attractive (to me)
is financially responsible
has the desire to lead a sustainable/social/ecologically responsible lifestyle
ha a similar approach to relationships
desires to see “the other’s” point of view/ empathetic/ kind




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