16 04 2006

Music: Push by Sarah McLachlan

Today was a good day. I went to Assembly for church, and realized again why it is that I love my church so much. Then lunch with my family. So excited about the baby! I’m really amazed at Lenora. I can’t imagine working as a physician until a week or so before my due date. Then I worked some more on my paper, but didn’t get far before I couldn’t focus, so I started on a new paper. Then I went visiting at the college for a bit. At first no one was around (or they were sleeping) so I putzed around campus for a bit and then decided to head home, but called the apartment one last time to make sure they hadn’t just got back. And they were there! So up there to visit for a bit. Then off to home again, except that Glenn saw me from Miller 3 where he was hanging out with some people, and called my name out the window as I rode by, so I ran up there for a bit, and when they headed off to dinner, I started to head to my bike, and then Mike called, so I spent about an hour or so relaxing with him, and then FINALLY I actually went home 🙂 And I’m sure you all care immensely 😉 I did some more on the paper-o-death before the 403 hymn sing. And now I’m home. Paper-o-death is calling my name 😦




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