Slowly But Surely

13 04 2006

Music: At this point in my life by Tracy Chapman

One down four to go.

I just realized something. Just right now. And that’s that in the past I’ve been so scared of not being sure that I wanted to be with the person I was with in the future that I didn’t question wether or not I did. That somehow, if I wasn’t positive that the relationship was for the long haul that I shouldn’t be in it. I couldn’t just let it be “I want to be with them now, later will take care of itself”. Does that make sense? Now, if I couldn’t see it as long term, that could be a problem, but ambiguity, just not knowing, that’s really ok.

I had a nice long walk with Jess tonight. We’ve both been so busy that I was really glad we were able to do that. And I climbed the wall some and walked the track a bit.

My chem project went fine.

I got to see Jess’s Sex and Religion project up in the Fraker today, and it looks fantastic. All the casts look wonderful together. I’m really proud of that girl 🙂 And of course, Mer just put out her PpP book. I have such talented friends 🙂 Gosh, I feel like they’re all doing these fantastic things and I’m just trying to survive.

Counseling homework: make a list of the things I would need in a marriage partner….. should be interesting.




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