Sunshiny Day

10 04 2006

Music: Prayer of St. Francis by Sarah Mclachlan

Today I had a long talk with Abby that was at the same time heart wrenching and heartening. Despite the fact that it’s really hard to deal with the deep seated issues that come up in friendships when they are as deep as mine are becoming with my close group of girls it’s worth the pain and more to be that close to women as amazing as they are.

Then I ran up to the apartment so Katie could use my computer, and then I ran back down to join a game of ultimate. It felt good to be playing. To be active. So out of shape 😦

Then counseling… I’m more and more impressed with my counselor. I’m looking forward to future sessions.

Then back to the apartment to pick up my computer.

A quick trip to ask Mike if he wanted to make dinner with me on friday turned into a walk down to the dam.

Then home to work on my paper.

It really is amazing how the sun makes life better. And how feeling special makes life better. And how complicated life can be.




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