So Here It Is

8 04 2006

Music: Habanera by Charlotte Church

It was a nice evening of good company, good food, and good entertainment. I really enjoyed getting to know Mike better, and talking to him was extremely easy and in general, confirmed my suspicions that we have quite a bit in common… in interests, world outlook, and approach to people. Of course, I feel like there’s alot I don’t know. We talked after the Hour After, and there is mutual interest… so what’s next?

Well, if you’re a risk taker like Stephanie, than it’s to date. But dating is such a broad concept. That word can incorporate a wide variety of actual relationships. We need more words. Just like we need more words for “love”. We need a word that means “committed to getting to know one another and spending time together, taking things reaaally slowly, while acknowledging that there’s mutual interest of a romantic nature, and also realizing that I’m leaving in 4 months, and that nether of us have particular interest in a long distance relationship”

Is it ok that I’m still a little scared? That maybe this is a big mistake. That I’m incapable of just being friends with a guy if there’s even a little interest. That my friends are shaking their heads and saying to themselves, “there she goes again”

I don’t THINK I’m “going again” A slow, somewhat causal relationship with a sweet guy can’t be all that bad for me can it?

And WHY is it that on my first date since my breakup with Jesse did he have to be doing sound for the event that we attended? I have the worst luck sometimes.

I think maybe I need to call an emergency girl’s night tomorrow.




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