Jitters, jitters, jitters

7 04 2006

Music: The Next Ten Minutes from The Last Five Years (which I’m seeing tonight!)

Amazing news! Nickelcreek is coming to Goshen!!!!! I’m so coming home to see them. I have to make sure that I get a ticket before they sell out though.

So this whole idea of going on a date…. even if I’m not sure it’s a “real” date, and it’s a friend, and there’s no pressure…etc etc.
is freaking me out a bit. Add to that a major lack of sleep, coffee and sugar, worry about failing classes, and a general high anxiety level, and I’m not doing so well.

I thought that it would be no big deal. But I guess being so deeply hurt has consequences you don’t expect. It’s not rational in any sense of the word, but it’s there, and I’m scared. And that makes me frustrated. But I’ll take some time this afternoon to relax and calm down. Maybe take a bath with some good music and a candle. And it’ll be a good evening of good company and good food (Thai!) and good entertainment. Humph. whimper….




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8 04 2007
One year later « Lady In Green

[…] year later I went to Goshen this weekend for Easter, and to celebrate our one year anniversary with […]

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