perks of the job

24 03 2006

Music: the Globe

Sometimes there are major perks to working at admissions. Today it’s that there are cookies, and not much searching and since Shirley’s not here today to give me more work, and Mandy doesn’t have anything else else for me to do, I get to do what I want for the next half hour and get payed for it (of course, if the phone rings I should probably answer is). 🙂
Today I learned that two of my friends had noticed that I seemed thinner, and were a bit concerned… I hadn’t really noticed that much, I guess a little, but maybe I should be monitoring my weight more. If I am lossing weight, it isn’t for any good reasons, because I’m not exersizing (other than work which really is a workout, especially for my upper arms, and dance class on Tuesday nights) and my meals don’t tend to be fruits and vegies 😦 Regardless of my weight status, I should be eating more and healthier, and it’s nice to know that my friends care enough to notice. I have to say I was a bit surprised when she said something.
I’m feeling better than when I posted last. And my room’s clean! I’m running on way too little sleep. Thank you everyone who left comments or said something to me in person. I’m overwhelmed by the support I recieve from people who love me sometimes. I got to talk to Jess for a while last night 🙂 That was really nice, and wednesday night I got together with Luke for a little while at BW’s and had lunch with Abby on wednesday afternoon. It helps to have the friends contact. I’ve been feeling disconnected and isolated a bit recently, and that help to counteract that feeling. And I flirted with a guy the other day!! I FLIRTED. I haven’t done that in what feels like ages. It wasn’t a big deal, and I’m not even sure he realized we were flirting, but still! Ah the joy of feeling feminine and possibly attractive 😉 Soooo…. that’s all for now. Have a good weekend everybody.




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