Test O Death

17 03 2006

music: Ruby Blue by Roisin Murphy

This morning I woke up and realized that I have a chem test today that I totally forgot about! So I’ve been stressing all morning about that, but I just studied the last hour and a half, so hopefully it won’t be a total failure. I just found out from Jenn that she’s going through a really rough time, there’s some really difficult stuff going on with her family, including the fact that their store just experienced an armed robbery. I haven’t talked to Jenn in a while, and that makes me sad, so does hearing how hard this semester has been on her. I’ve been feeling disconnected from many of my friends. There’s just not enough time, and I don’t have the daily interactions that housemates experience. I have to be alot more intentional about it. But I have spent time with Meryl, Jess, and Will this week, and that’s been good. I’m still struggling to get caught up in my classes. For the most part I haven’t gotten any MORE behind, but I still have alot to do. I’ll just be glad when it’s over. Tomorrow’s my sister’s baby shower. Gina Holsopple’s going to be at the Brew tonight, and I’m hoping to catch the end of her performance after my shift’s over. Depends on how long I have to work, and how long she plays. There’s also a latin student union dance at the college, that would be cool to be at for a while. And of course lots of homework. Always lots of homework. Time to go take the test o death. I hope everyone has a good weekend 🙂




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