Just thoughts

8 03 2006

Music: Breathe

So in March and April of last year, I only posted once each month! That kind of surprised me. I’ve been reading my blog. It’s so weird to review my life in that way. I’m so weary of this semester. I’m lacking all motivation except to just get DONE. Right now I’m procrastinating on two papers…. I just can’t get myself to start either of them. I’m not very good at this school thing. I don’t really have much else to say. Last night my mom came and talked to me for a little bit. Her inicial question that started the conversation made me laugh. It was a suggestion on how to get over Jesse. I found myself just wanting to talk and talk to her, but we didn’t talk for long. Maybe I’ll invite her out to coffee (mom, I know you read this, want to go out to coffee sometime?)




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