1 03 2006

Sounds: something soothing coming from Starbuck’s speakers, and the sounds of downtown Athens

Becca are sitting out in the sun at Starbucks (we couldn’t find a better coffee shop 😦 studying while we wait for Katie to finish her GRE. We’ve been in Athens since late Sunday night, and we’ve mostly just been relaxing and enjoying the warmth and some time away from stress and school. We saw Chamber Choir in Atlanta on Monday night, and that was really fun, they were so good! Last night we made dinner, and it was fun to do some cooking. We’ve been eating really good food the whole time we’ve been here, simple foods like pita bread and hummus with real olives (not the “fake” canned ones) I need to be working on my homework more, but I still have a few more days, and I’ve gotten quite a bit of needed reading done. It’s also been good for me to just be calm and relaxed. It’s been good to have time to take stock of where I’m going and why. Not that I’ve hit major conclusions or anything, other than last night as I was drifting off, I asked myself why I tend to live life like I’m waiting for it to begin. That needs to change.




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