Andre’ and Dancy’s wedding

11 02 2006

Music: Epilogo by Renee Fleming

I haven’t blogged for a while, I think it’s because I’ve lacked energy for somethings, so have only been doing the “have toos”. Life’s…. interesting. ha, I guess that’s a good thing, at least it’s not boring. I’m having a hell of a time keeping up with my classes, part because I’m just too busy, working too much, too many classes, but partly because I can be really lazy sometimes. I’m enjoying working at the Bluegill. Hopefully I’ll be a waitress by the summer, or early on in the summer, the idea thing would be to start training for it soon before school ends, and then really jump in when the summer starts. I like all of my classes, but I really need to do better…. I mean, I’m actually afraid that I might fail one of my classes…. that can’t happen! I’ve never been afraid of failing before.
Andre’ and Dancy got married tonight. Dancy’s from the Philippines, but her family lives here in the states, she was the last of her immediate family to move here. I love how diverse my family has become. It’s beautiful. I sang “Through the Eyes of Love” per Dancy’s request at the wedding. It went pretty well, no major issues, I remembered all the words. It was an honor to sing the one song that Dancy always wanted in her wedding 🙂 She said it’s a really popular wedding song in the Philippines. My parents DANCED! I think that’s probably the first time my dad has ever danced anything other than square or contra dancing. Andre’ and Dancy are really cute together, and Jenica was one of the bride’s maids and looked really grown up. Nathan was the ring bearer, and I was surprised at how well he did at standing still. I hope that we get to see Andre’ and Dancy often enough for me to get to know her (and him better for that matter). I feel like I’m finally getting to know my family, and I really like it.
This was the second wedding I’ve gone to since the breakup, and….. it’s hard. But at least it’s just sadness mostly. I’m not really bitter about what happened, and there have been moments of that before. Time will help.




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