Another full full day

18 01 2006

Music: I Am Weary, Let Me Rest by the Cox Family from O Brother Where Art Thou

Today I had my usual classes, and work, but didn’t have choir. Instead I started reading for small group this evening, but I was so tired that I curled up and feel asleep. I got a chance to talk to Jess and Katie for a bit, and that was nice. We had a really interesting discussion about the book in small group. I hope that I can get up to speed on the reading so that I can really understand what all we’re discussing, but I have so much other reading that it’s kind of hard. I had a session with Phil (campus councilor) today, and that was good, but sometimes I feel like I’m going in circles. I do see differences though in how I was dealing with things and what kinds of things I was dealing with from several weeks ago, and then different still from when I was in China. It’s still really hard seeing him around campus, like today. It tends to throw a curve ball in my day, and can be hard to recover from. So not much else to report…. life continues to continue.




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