Dinner with Jenica

16 01 2006

Music: Looking for Suzanne by Buddy Greene

Today Goshen cancelled classes so that there could be lots of lectures, etc to celebrate MLK day, so I had the day off. I spent the morning sleeping in (sheepish grin) and then did homework and computer stuff all afternoon. At 5 I went over to pick up Jenica to go to South Bend to pick up the tickets for the Ballet this weekend and then go to dinner, but as I got there I found out that Angel Jenica’s dog had gotten out of her pen and was loose over by the school, so I spent the next hour trying to hunt her down… it turned into quite the saga. Needless to say, by the time I got done with that I didn’t have enough time to get to the box office before it closed, so Jen and I just went to Hacienda. I really enjoyed talking to her and finding out more about her and her life. I was nervous about it being awkward, and the possibility that I wouldn’t be able to talk to her on her level and that she wouldn’t want to tell me stuff, but the conversation flowed naturally, and it was good to hear that she seems to be doing well in school and socially. I was shocked though when she said that in Pennsylvania she had known 3 girls who were pregnant. They’re just older than her. She just turned 14. I can’t imagine becoming pregnant at 14 or 15. I can’t imagine the emotional burden of becoming sexually active at that age.




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