Detroit Auto Show

14 01 2006

Music: some rap coming from the booth where they have famous rap artist’s cars, like Snoop Dogg

So I’m blogging from the Detroit Auto Show. We’ve been here for 2 1/2 hours, and I’m ready to leave. I think we might be soon. Craig (one of Carla’s friends who actually works for Chrysler developing airbags) has been showing me around. I’ve acutally learned quite a bit about cars today. It was fun to see some of the new stuff that’s coming out. Really small cars, hybrids, the latest concept cars. The crossfire is a really sweet little car. So yeah, other than that we got into Detroit late last night. I made lemon blueberry bread while I was waiting for them to get close and then Katie (sweetheart that she is) drove me to Bristol to meet them. Dancing tonight!!!!




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