Dis, Dat, and ‘d Other Ting

12 01 2006

Music:C’était Une Histoire D’amour by Edith Piaf

Yesterday and today have been better than the beginning of the week. Yesterday started out early with my 9:00 American History II course. And then a run over to the Fraker for a sausage riser for breakfast and back to NC 17 ( I have 3 of my 6 classes in that room) for some quick e-mailing before History of Global Poverty at 11:00. I meet my discussion group for both those class, and it seems like they’re going to be decent ones, I’m pleased with all the discussion groups I’m in for different classes, they all see to be with people who are actually going to say something. Then I went to Admissions to work, but Darlene was only taking a half hour lunch, so after I worked I ran home and mixed up some lemon bars and had lunch and then went to Chem lab at 2. Then homework until choir at 5. I had the joy of having supper with the girls in 403, and then went to small group where we are studying Bishop John Spong’s “A New Christianity for a New World”. Then I watched “Beauty and the Geek” back at the apartment. Becca’s studying it for a class, so we’re all watching it together. Then we sat around and talked about faith and sexuality and next year and the wonderfulness of women friends and it was grand even though I should have been reading for my History of Global Poverty class. Around 11:15 I cut myself off, and started reading, but by midnight I was too tired to stay awake, so I just went to bed. I was staying at the apartment because guests were using my bedroom at home. Thanks Becca and Jess and Miriam and Katie for letting me stay with you! You’re sweethearts 🙂
So then today I slept in too long, and didn’t get up until 10:00. I finished reading “Broken Hoe” so I could take it over to Abby who’s sharing books with me and then I went over to the Gilbert’s to clean. After that I studied for my map quiz for Knowing the Bible and had that class at 2:00. I ran home after class to get some stuff and go to the bank to cash some checks and to see about my debit card that still hadn’t shown up. Then choir and dinner at San Marcos with Thushan before Women’s Concerns at 7:00. After class a bunch of us went to BW’s for a farewell get together for Libby because she’s going to Seattle for her internship this weekend. Some of us moved on to Steak and Shake, but I left after a bit because I thought I still had homework to do, but it turned out that I didn’t, so YEAH! It was really nice to see Libby again. Oh, and it was really sunny and quite warm today 🙂 that was really really nice. It’s supposed to snow on Sat though 😦
Well I should sleep. It’s almost 1! and I have a 9:00 and another full day ahead of me. Detroit this weekend with Carla!!!! Yippeee 😀




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