First Day of Classes

4 01 2006

Music: Dirait-On performed by Western Singers

Today was the first day of classes. Not too bad. I had American History at 9, and then since they cancelled chapels on Wednesdays this year, I hung out with Abby taking care of some business type stuff until History of Global Poverty at 11, then rushed over to Admissions to work, which I ended up working until 3, and then hung out with Crystal in her apartment which she gets to keep (yeah!) and then off to Choral and then Women’s choir and then back home for some homework, supper and computer stuff.
Classes seem like they’re going to be ok so far. I’m really excited about History of Global Poverty, because I think I’m going to learn alot of useful things for my future in overseas work, and because Jan Bender Shetler is teaching it. American History should be good too, the prof seems very competent, and both profs are very organized and utilize blackboard which I like. Didn’t have Chemistry lab today, because they want to have a class first.
It was nice to be behind the desk at Admissions today. I’m really a good receptionist. I’m confident, I know what I’m doing, and I’m friendly. It’s nice to realize that you do something well. There’s alot of things to try and remember though, like where they keep all the forms, how to use goldmine, how to work the phone system, etc. I only had a little problem with that today. Darlene told me that it’s really nice to have me back, and that she feels more secure leaving me with the desk. That felt good. So I’m going to be doing lunches for Darlene every day of the week except tuesday when I meet with my little sister (big brothers/big sisters program) for lunch. Andrew (one of the councilors) asked me today if I was making lots of wedding arrangements…. I had assumed he knew! All the girls on the staff, and a couple of the other councilors knew, and had known before I came back, so I assumed he knew as well. He felt really bad, but I told him not to worry about it. Then he told Galen just to make sure he knew too, and Galen didn’t even know we were engaged!! I don’t like not knowing who knows and who doesn’t. It’s awkward for me. And when things like Andrew asking me about the wedding happen it hurts. It’s hard. Basically it’s just hard. Yeah, I’m doing ok, I’m pretty happy actually. But not always. Sometimes I feel really empty. So what do I say when people ask? Do they want to know the truth? Everybody tells me how well I seem to be doing, and I agree with them, I feel like I am doing well, but sometimes it takes so much work to be “doing well” and I just want to give in to being miserable. And sometimes I can’t help being that way regardless. BUT, rest assured, that’s becoming more rare, and mostly when there are blatant in my face reminders of us or him. Like coming across pictures of us with my family, side by side with Andre’ and Dancy who ARE getting married. I look so happy. Ok, enough of that.
Choir was interesting. It felt really really good to be singing again. But I’m like the only senior in Choral!! Josh Weaver’s in it too, so maybe not the only, but it feels like it. None of my close friends. And I don’t know half the people. Not like I don’t talk to them, but know their name and recognize them type of not know them, I’ve never SEEN them before. It’s sooo weird. I’m the type of person who is at least acquainted with everyone on campus. I’ll have to get to know some of these people. Anywho, that’s all for tonight. Sleep well. Off to bed with me.




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