Merry Christmas

24 12 2005

It’s been a blessing to be around family but not have to travel this Christmas. Since the age of 9, I’ve rarely lived in close proximity with my siblings, and there was a while when I didn’t live near any of my family, so I really value the oppertunity to pop over and see them, or see them in church most sundays, or ask my sister’s out to lunch. I love that, and I hope I take full advantage of it as the school year starts and I begin to get busy…really, really busy.

Today was spent getting ready for company tonight. We cleaned the house, and then made lots of food. My grandmother, Lenora, Tobias, and Tobias’s neice and nephew (both in college) came over for dinner tonight. My mom has always been an elegent entertainer, and I’ve enherited that from her, although I’m a bit more relaxed about it. Afterwards we played games, and I taught my mom and grandma dodiju (I really have no idea how that’s spelled any China SSTer want to correct me?). Then I sat and croqueted while my grandma and I chatted a bit. I love when she gets going on old stories. I really know so little about her childhood. I want to learn more. She started one of her stories… when we got electricity. Wow, we’ve come so far….later my mom was talking about some power outages happening the the Carolinas recently and was exclaiming about one that lasted nine days. Such a contrast.

I sent several e-mails today. I wish it were easier to stay in contact with everyone. I have so many wonderful people in my life!!! I’m truely blessed. There’s Carla and Megan from my childhood, and I just got together with Christy who I haven’t seen or heard from since I was 9, but who has stayed friends with Carla and kind of kept up with where I’ve been over the years. We went to elementary together. We sat and talked for over an hour at the Brew the other day. It’s amazing to hear about where she’s been and what she’s been up to.

And there’s Jenn and her family in Oregon who are really like family to me as well. And of course Abby who has taken the time to keep up with me since we all left Western. She even came to Goshen just to see me last school year šŸ™‚ Trevor’s my coach from Oregon who was alot like an older brother to me during high school when I was so far away from my family, and he’s also taken the time and energy to keep up with me and life.

Then there’s Abby, and Meryl and Jess who have been there for me through my years at Goshen, through hard weeks and long nights and breakups and silly moments and China. Becca and Miriam, Katie, Crystal, Fallon, all of these girls have listened to me and had fun with me and confided in me and general just been wonderful, giving friends. Will and Luke have been steadfast friends from freshman year, and as someone who actually has a hard time making and keeping male friends, their friendship is a blessing.

The most recent additions is British Dan (sorry bud, you’re always going to be that to me šŸ˜‰ It’s amazing how going through a difficult experience with someone else can create a bond. Dan was a wonderful friend while I was in China and was a listening ear when I just needed to get things out. He also let me use his computer alot which was a much needed tool during the first few weeks in Chengdu. šŸ™‚ Such a sweetheart. I also have the wonderful oppertunity to stay in contact with Eunice and my roommates and other friends that I meet in China, and I hope that I can continue that contact and possibly even see some of them again some day when I go back to China.

Even though there’s pain associated with all three of my longterm relationships, I learned alot from all three men, and each had a hand in turning me into who I am. Kenny, Zeb, and Jesse have all been blessings in my life and I hope that I am always greatful for the time that they gave me.

Not least of all though is my family whom I love dearly, and sometimes forget that they’re not a given. It’s hard sometimes not to take family for granted or to forget that they are not required to love me. I think the thing I’ve been most greatful for in the past few month has been my family and what a wonderful group of people they really are. I’m very very excited about the new additions. Dancy is a sweet woman who dispite the fact that she barely knows me sent several wonderful and supportive e-mails while I was in China, and I’m very glad that Andre’ is bringing her into the family. And of course the baby that’s coming. It will be wonderful to have a baby in the family again and to watch her or him grow.

The thing is that there are a bunch of people I didn’t even mention. I hope that I always remember that true value lies not in having what I want, but being who I want to be and being able to share that person with people who care. Wow, I’m done with the philosopizing now :-D. So yeah, I’m grateful for alot this year, and I hope that you all have a blessed Christmas.




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