Springfield, Missouri

18 12 2005

Dad and I left after my shift at the Bluegill last night. We took my sister’s honda which happens to be a manual, which I don’t drive. So I learned really quick. Luckily most of it was freeway driving which is just like automatic. I only stalled at one stoplight. Other than that I did pretty well. My aunt that died is my dad’s sister-in-law, and she had 12 kids, many of whom I’ve only meet several of times in my life. It’s good to see all of them again. It’s an interesting family, and it’s fascinating to see the family dynamics. The funeral is tomorrow morning, and we’re leaving right afterwards, and should be home late Monday night. It’s scary that some day I’m going to have to deal with the death of a parent. I’ve never dealt this a difficult death. I was sad when my grandparents died, but I had never been close enough to any of them for it to be a real blow. When Grandma Simpson dies it will be really hard. I’ve gotten to know Grandma as a person, and I love her spirit. I hope I have more time to get to know her.




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