Things I want to do before I leave Chengdu

6 11 2005

have supper at Grandma’s kitchen with Eunice and Ella
have supper and hang out with my roommates
buy Eunice the earrings she liked so much
talk to Ray again (remind me to do an up date there…. turns out he has a girlfriend)
see Tony one more time
go clubbing with a mixed group of SSTers
go to the underground one more time
go into a part of town I don’t know and just explore
learn to cook 4 dishes (probably won’t happen)
teach Eunice to make P&J sandwhiches (I taught her to make spagetti already)
create a painting for Tan Wei, Eunice, and Megan
learn two more Chinese songs
buy the two chinese movies that were suggested to me in class, and the Japanese movie “love letter”
finish my project (this I have to do)
go to a tea house in Chengdu




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