Wedding pictures

13 09 2005

This is the “head car” that carried the bride and groom around. That big heart is all fresh roses, the rest of the car is decorated with bunches of them as well.

This little girl was in the same car as me, and see was so cute and serious and prissy.

This is the “car team”. They obviously rented a set of cars, because they were all the same except different colors. there were 13 in all, and they were all decorated with balloons, double happiness characters, and ribbon. Before going to pick up the bride, we drove around the city simply with the purpose of people seeing that there was going to be a wedding!

This is the Bride’s bouquet! the green stuff at the bottom is crepe paper.

The girl on the right is my host sister, Sindy, and on the other side is Blue, my host cousin. I tried to refuse to hold the bouquet, but short of being rude there was nothing I could do! It was so awkward.




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