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13 09 2005

While we were driving through the city, two cars with their tail doors open zoomed up and down the line of cars filming the whole thing. It was so dangerous, but so fun to see.

This shows the chaos that ensued once we arrived that the Bride’s home! it was so loud! Throughout the day, strings of balloons were stepped on to make them *pop, pop, pop!* and large tubes of confetti were used to celebrate the happy couple. As my host sister said, the Chinese like noise.

The Groom knocks on the SECOND bedroom door after discovering that the first one does not contain the bride. He is convinced to sing a short line of a song so that the bride will grant him entry.

Here is the lovely Bride 🙂

And here is the lovely Bride talking on a cell phone!




3 responses

13 09 2005

awesome pics, Steph! Thanks so much for sharing! It’s great to catch a few glimpses of your SST experience. 🙂

23 09 2005

miss you, praying for you, hope you’re okay. those are awesome pictures!! i can’t wait to hear about the trip from you in person when you get back. love you dear~

23 09 2005

PS i prob. should tell you who wrote that stuff above…lol…it’s Kari 🙂

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