A night on the town

12 09 2005

On Friday, we were supposed to meet our host families. I actually only meet my host sister and her cousin, and a bunch of her friends because she was celebrating her 21st birthday. We eat at this amazing restaurant that was so fancy. We had like 13 dishes. We started out with tea, but then were given watermelon juice, like real watermelon juice! and ice. That was the first time I’d seen ice since the plane. We also had a really weak sweet wine that I liked. The rest of the menu was thus:
A lettuce sort of thing covered in sesame sauce, which tasted like peanut sauce only better
A really good dish that was like pork and beans Chinese style. There were butterbeans and pork chunks in a great sauce
A chicken dish with large pieces of chicken drizzled with sauce and then covered with lumps of rice.
A really spicy mushroom dish that you could see large chunks of red and green hot peppers in. I stayed away
Wan ton soup that was delicious
Potato hash browns, again Chinese style with lots of spice
Corn in breading squares
A seaweed, lentil and beef soup
Assorted meats on a plate: pig’s ear, pig’s stomach, beef, and tofu
O gosh, I can’t even remember the others!
but then we had watermelon for dessert.
It was so good.

Conversation was good too, I talked to the girls about what they were studying, what they enjoyed doing in their free time, New Orleans, Bush, etc. They had to help each other out alot when they got stuck on a word they didn’t know, but it worked. Of course, we didn’t get very deeply into anything, but it was one of the more interesting conversations I’ve had yet. So yeah, other than being really tired, distraught over some news from home, and being terribly car sick on the way to the restaurant, the evening was really nice.




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