Flowers and China

4 08 2005

Music: Simple Gifts by Yo-Yo Ma

Phoebe Brubaker is doing the flowers for my wedding!!! Not only will she work within my budget and still give me exactly what I want, and is amazingly creative, but I wont have to worry about them at all…. she’s going to do all of it (I’ll probably get friends to help her, but yeah) She’s amazing šŸ™‚ So that’s really cool. Went to a print shop today and talked to them about making the invitaions, and got some price quotes. Weddings are so gosh darn expensive. I guess they don’t really have to be, but still, to feed, invite, and entertain 200 guests, it would have to take a fair amount of money no matter how simply you did things. I’m starting to get kind of nervous, scared, excited, worried…… (fill in the blank) about China. I mean, what if I forget something really important, or really screw up with my class. But mostly, I think it’s a product of this waiting period where it’s almost here, but I can’t really get ready for it yet. I can’t pack or anything like that. I only have one week left of washing dishes, yippeeeee! I really hate doing dishes at the Bluegill. I get so hot and sweaty, and covered in grease. But mostly it’s just boring. I can’t wait to have a job that’s engaging, that I enjoy doing, and I feel like I’m not completely despensible.




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