ebay and the day to day stuff

20 07 2005

How often do you think it is that you find something on ebay that you really want, for a decent price, and the person selling it lives near you? I found some speakers to go with my ipod mini (that I splurged on for China) and an external battery pack from a guy that lives in South Bend. We’re going to meet at the UP mall on Sunday to do the exchange. It’ll save alot on shipping cost. Yesterday I puttered around the house in the morning, did a little work. Then went to the Bluegill to do dishes. After that I drover over to Jesse’s and lazed around under a tree reading Cold Mountain until he came home. I’m really enjoying the book. I like how true the movie was to the book, but enjoy seeing a deeper side to the story. Once Jesse was home we were very domestic….making supper together, and then I went grocery shopping. It was kind of cute. I talked to him about the whole last name thing some. At least so he’d know how I felt. I still haven’t thought of any good ideas to solve this. I’m not sure I ever will. We watched the Average Joe, and I’m really really rooting for this guy named Jake (I think). He’s so gosh darn cute, and sweet to boot. He’s the kind of guy I’d typically be attracted to. Epecially physically, or maybe I should say facially, because that’s really what attracts me anyway. Oddly enough Jesse really isn’t at all what I’d normally be attracted to, but more and more he’s the only guy I am truly attracted to…… ok enough with the mushy. After that I went over to Kulp and meet up with Abby and had fun talking till almost midnight. We looked up tickets from Hong Kong to Bangkok, and it’s looking like if we do end up staying the extra 10 days, then that might we where we spend them. That would be amazing!!!!! I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand.
Then this morning I slept in and went to do dishes at the Bluegill. I was just about to leave, when I decided the cup waste bucket needed to be emptied. I’d never tried to empty it before, and I misjudged my ability to get it’s contents into the sink and ended up dumping all over myself and the floor. I was so gross. It was a ten gallon bucket almost full, and it holds a combination of water, pop, olive oil + spices, coffee and a few other odds and ends that find their way in. I had to stay over my time to mop it all up which cut into the hour break I have before I had to go back for the supper shift that I was SAing. SAing went fine, if a bit long. It sucks when servers tell you the wrong table number or position number when they ask you to do something, cause then you end up looking like an idiot. Like tonight a server asked me to take soup out to the two ladies at a table, and it ended up the second lady hadn’t even order soup. O well, life’s like that sometimes. That’s about all folks.




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