Music: The Ferryman by Gaelic Storm Yesterday mor…

17 07 2005

Music: The Ferryman by Gaelic Storm

Yesterday morning Abby and I had an interesting adventure going to Goodwill because we thought (along with lots of other people) that it was a 50% off day. We both need a few things for China. Turns out the sign was misleading, and it was not a 50% off day, so after browsing for a little while and hearing the announcement that we were wrong Abby bought a shirt that she liked and we headed home….. only we didn’t get far because my battery was dead since I had accidentally left my lights on. So my dad came and rescued us and I took Abby home so she could go to an interview. Then I headed over to Jesse’s for brunch with his family and then a quick trip to Target for a card and off to Kay’s to pick up my engagement ring which I’d had resized finally. Then home for a shower and off again to get my hair trimmed. I had her curl it too because I was going to a wedding next, and it’s not very often that I get to have curly hair. My stylist did and excellent job, and I thought it was cute. We always want what we don’t have, and I’ve always been jealous of curly hair. I back over to Jesse’s to change, and sat out on his porch swing for a bit to enjoy the muggy Indiana afternoon. Erin, Keith, Jesse and I headed over to Sunnyside Mennonite (Jesse’s church) for Amanda Friesen and Kyle Detwiler’s wedding. Amanda is Ben’s older sister, and Kyle’s actually from Oregon and I went to school with his younger sister. She was a groom’s attendant, and it was cool to see her again. Jesse’s family and the Freisens are good friends. It was a pretty wedding, and I have to admit that I got pretty emotional, alot because of thinking about the fact that in less than a year I’ll be having my own. I liked the decorations, nice and simple and elegant. After we went home, Jesse and I ran to blockbuster and rented Get Shorty, the prequal to Be Cool. Keith and Erin watched it with us and we all enjoyed it. Then I came home and went to bed.

This morning I went to work brunch at the Bluegill. I worked the first Sunday we were open, but haven’t worked since then, and it’s pretty slow, although we did have a busier Sunday than usual I think, so I kept busy, but it wasn’t nearly as stressful. Of course I’ll probably only make about $15 in tips or less, but I got really good biscuits and gravy when we were all done serving. I was going to go up to Mennofolk with Abby, but she ended having to go up early because of a biking accident that one of her brother’s friends had and she needed to pick them up. I couldn’t remember really how to get to the camp, and didn’t feel like driving up alone, so I ended up spending with afternoon with Jesse and then the evening here at home doing odd things. I also spent about an hour trying to get things sorted out about my computer screen which freaks out every once in a while. I’ve been trying to get it sorted out for about a month now. The first time I contacted Gateway, the guy reset my computer to a date before it started messing up, even though I told him I was sure it was an internal problem with the monitor because when I disconnected it from the tower the problem persisted. So that didn’t do much good. Then a couple weeks ago I called again, and the guy told me that I’d have to call back when it was happening so that the could trouble shoot it. So it was happening tonight and I called…..only after I explained the problem, he told me that he was putting me on hold for a few minutes to “research this problem”. After about 20 minutes I hung up and called again. This guy was really nice and helpful, and set me up to get a new one, so even though it was frustrating, I’m glad to finally be done with it. Hurray! And that’s all folks.




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