A general update

15 07 2005

Music: Defying Gravity from Wicked (the sweet new musical by the same composer as Godspell)

So it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted! I’m so jealous of people who take time to blog every day…..ahem Katie….. sigh, if only I were that responsible.

Well, first off, I found a job (or two or three) At first I was working at Bob Even’s, but then the Bluegill offered me a job so I quit there. I enjoy working there, it’s exhilarating and pays decently, but here are a few beefs I have with it….. 1) they told me they had full time work so I quite the other job that I had, then they only scheduled me for 15 hours or so…. I could have kept my job at Bob Even’s part time and worked at Bluegill part time. That’s the most frustrating thing, because I really needed to make money this summer and that really hindered the process. 2) they don’t pay the server assistants (what I am) for how hard we work. The servers earn at least 3 times as much as we do, and I would say that they work alot harder. I realize it’s harder being a server, but not enough harder to warrant that much discrepancy. 3) They told me that I’d be moved to server after about a month….it’s been a month and a half (Ben Freisen was hired after me as a server assistant with no serving experience and became a server right away). There are other things that are really frustrating about it, but those are the big ones. So after I realized that I was only going to get a few nights a week as a server assistant, I volunteered to wash dishes at lunch. So that added another 12 hours (they originally told me I could wash dishes on Sundays too, but then gave it to the new dish washer) I only get $6 an hour dishwashing. I think the hardest thing about my job at the Bluegill is the fact that everyone’s stressed out during service because we all have too much to be doing, and when different people have different ideas about what they should be doing etc, you have to find healthy ways to relate to the other people. That can be hard when there’s really no time to deal with things and sometimes it feels like you’re being blamed or critiqued when you’re working as hard as you possibly can. BUT….. it feels great to do a really good job and to realize that you are a valuable part of a team. It feels wonderful to have a server say “Steph you did great tonight, you really had my back” or “Thanks tonight, I did well at that table because you did so well” And we really are a great restaurant, amazing food from scratch, good atmosphere, and great service. So I guess there are ups and downs to everything. Other than that, I’ve house sat for two families, mowed lawn for my sister who just moved back to the area (it takes almost 5 hours to get it done, and I’m using a push mower…uggg), and clean house for the Gilberts. So that’s my job situation. I didn’t mean for it to be quite so negative, but I had to get that stuff off my chest.
Jesse came home from Chicago for good about a month ago. Things really weren’t working out there, and now he’s working at a factory in Middlebury. It’s really nice to have him back. I hang out with him and his family alot. Their family gets together all the time. Every time an aunt or cousin or whoever have a birthday they get together…..father’s day……the 4th etc. I like that. We’ve really enjoyed swimming in the pond that we’ll be married by next summer. Jesse lives right next to his aunt and uncle who live right next to his grandparents who have a pond in the back yard. Very nice…. just the right size. Speaking of which, our wedding is going to be June 10th next year in case I haven’t said that before.
Ummm…. other than that, I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with Abby this summer. The other night we had fondue with Luke, Nathan, and Jonathan. We’ve been talking about China some and I’m really nervous about going. First off, I really have no handle on the language what so ever, and what if I really screw up on my classes etc…. I’m also thrilled though. Very mixed feelings. Oh! Lenora (my sister) and Tobias are thinking about having kids soon!!!!! little munchkins running around again πŸ˜€ That’s exciting. Speaking of which, I’m so very excited Lenora moving to the area (she lives about 50 min. away). I haven’t lived in the same place as a sibling since 8th grade, and not with Lenora since I was about 9. In other news, Jesse and I went up to Chicago and saw Wicked. I loved it πŸ˜€ It’s no Les Miserables, but it’s fun and fresh and has some cute music. (this is the link that came up when I typed in “wicked” also interesting)
I think that’s all…… thankyou to whoever actually reads this all the way through, I know it’s long. Hope you’re all having a great summer. Night.




2 responses

15 07 2005

You posted! YES! It’s good to have you back in the blog-world, Steph….

20 07 2005

good to hear how things are going

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