wedding cakes, stuff, and finding a job

23 05 2005

still no job…. it’s so depressing. I didn’t go around and apply places today like I was planning, instead Becca and I spent part of the morning and early afternoon finding cake pans and then Abby came over and we experimented with trying to make rolled fondant icing which was a complete disaster, but I don’t think I had the right recipe. Now this evening I’m working on my stuff more, I’m seeing the end of my stuff from school, but I still have other stuff that I had packed away that I want to get out and consolidate with the stuff that I have out, so I’m not seeing the end of the project yet. Abby Gould and Anna Moran, a couple girl friends from H.S. might be coming on Wednesday 😀 so exciting. I hope they do. It’s been frustrating moving back home and trying to get along with my mom again. It seems almost as if no matter what I do, something’s wrong with what I’m doing. Oh well….. back to the sorting.




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26 05 2005

hey, thanks for your uplifting comment! I hope life at home is going a little more smoothly for you. your wedding cake adventures sound interesting…

26 05 2005

we need to hang out this summer. and since I work 5 minutes from where you live, that shouldn’t be too hard. good luck making a wedding cake 🙂 if you need a taste tester, feel free to ask me cuz cake is so yummy. hope to see ya soon!

20 06 2005

i was reading your last entry about decision making and i hate decisions! I know how i make decisions…i evalutate everything about 100,000 times and still don’t know what to do by the end. it’s becasue i’m always afraid to make the wrong decision, but God has been teaching me alot about trusting Him and allowing Him to guide me and not being anxious about anything. anyways, that was kind of a long posting, but i hope plans are coming along for you. I’m happy for you and jesse and your decision to get married next summer. I hope that i can help you get ready for it sometime. well, i’m thinking of you guys and praying for you too~ Kari

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