So many life decisions

21 05 2005

Music: The prayer by Charlotte Church and Josh Gorban

I’ve been thinking alot lately about what reasons we use to make those big life decisions. I remember when I was deciding if I was going to come to Goshen or stay in Oregon, there wasn’t really a pros and cons check list….. more like a feeling. I did go through different pros and cons, but that wasn’t the main basis for the decision, it just helped me find that feeling… that feeling of rightness. That doesn’t mean I didn’t question it, or wonder if I was doing the right thing, or stop me from being completely scared about my decision. I think I tend to make my big decisions that way. Like my latest one, Jesse and I are getting married next summer instead of in two years.

Oh, and I still don’t have a job 😦 But the last two days have been very very good. Thursday morning was spent in a frenzy of trying to get Abby, Meryl and myself out of the dorms, then we went to see Star Wars (fun, very fun) and then hung out at Jesse’s in the evening. Yesterday I spent mostly at home working on my stuff, but also went to lunch with my mom and Jesse, and then went to the school to talk to financial aid, and check about job stuff, and then I came back and went into town and applied at a couple places. Then in the evening I went to Jesse’s and we had a long talk about the next couple years, and we talked to his parents about it too. And at the end of the night we made our decision. There are alot of things going into it, but mostly my realization that going to Chicago might not be the best idea. I was really concerned about being able to get a job for less than a year, and some of my reasons for going were starting to die. Anyways, I’m happy with our decision, if not a bit scared about it. That means wedding plans will have to move on alot more quickly than I thought, especially because I’m going to be gone all fall semester. But at least it’s not the spring that I’m going to be gone :). Anywho, today I’m going canoeing with Jesse and his parents! 😀 yeah! Have a good summer every one.




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