Too Much stuff

14 05 2005

Why do I have so much stuff! It’s too much. My parent might be moving soon… I really don’t know at this point, but thinking that it’s better to be prepared and not have to deal with a move than to have to throw everything together at the last min. and as a way to try and simplify my life a little, I’ve been going through all my belongings, starting with the stuff I have stored at home, and deciding what to do with it and trying to pack it in a better way. On of those big “bread” trucks just pulled up to the entrance of Kratz and honked it’s horn…. how weird. anyways, I wish I didn’t have so much stuff, but then again most of it is stuff that I hope to eventually use, I just can’t use it now. Stuff like crafty things and table linens and books that I’ll want later, but don’t have time to read now, or I want to keep around for my kids, like my entire set of Anne of Green Gables (even when she’s all grown up šŸ˜€

So I got up fairly early this morning. I’m actually starting to enjoy the May term schedule of early rising, I only need to get the early to bed down more now….. ok, that truck just did a lap around the Miller/Kratz drive… so weird….. there it goes again! what the heck……. ok, back to my day. I went home and spent the morning and a fair amount of the afternoon working on sorting. Then Jesse and I cooked dinner together and had my parents over to his house. It was cool to get our families together. Our parents had meet briefly before, but only once at Christmas time. And now it’s time for bed. Night all.




One response

15 05 2005

that’s neat that you guys made dinner together! i love you guys…don’t forget to look at my comment on the posting before this…lol

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