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18 04 2005

Music: Nickel Creek…. doing some song that I don’t remember the title

I get to surf the net at work now. It’s nice because then I don’t have to go out from behind the counter to do anything. I just wrote a nice long blog and then lost it because I tried to spell check and the pop up blocker was on and when I turned it off it navigated away from the page that I was writing on. I hate computers!

Here’s some new things in my life. I’m going to be done with college at the end of next summer. That’s really new. Before I thought I was going to have to be here for at least one more full semester if not more, but I figured out how to use the credits I already had to fulfill a bunch of requirements. Then I think I’m going up to Chicago with Jess, Becca, Meryl and Abby. That should be really interesting. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing there, but hopefully something with ASL.

I went to Oregon last weekend. Jennifer was having her senior piano recital. It was nice to be back in Oregon, and I really enjoyed being able to see Jenn and her family for a while. I think that I’d like to go back to Oregon for a few years.

Well, it’s time for me to clean up. See ya’ll.




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18 04 2005

So you are coming to Chicago with us?!! Exciting! Yeah! I can’t wait to May Term, love you!

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