My day in review

9 02 2005

Music: A spoonful of sugar from Mary Poppins

Today I was rudely awoken at 7:45 by the phone. I didn’t get to it in enough time to answer, but THANK GOD they called! Whoever that was just saved my job. Somehow the night before as I was setting my alarm, I had it in my mind that I was working the second shift at the coffee shop this morning, the one I usually work. What I wasn’t thinking about for some reason, even though I had found out just hours earlier that I was working both shifts. So I got ready in 5 minutes, rushed down to the coffeebar, and opened as quickly as I could (at 8 I had everything ready except lightroast coffee). So then I worked both shifts, a little busy, but not bad. At the end I was taking out the trash (the night before, the trash wasn’t taken out) and a hole tore in the bottom and stuff leaked everywhere and so I had to clean that up and then take out the trash which was really really heavy. Sooo…. after that I did stuff that I don’t remember and then went to the library for a while and lunch and class…………then World of Warcraft (blush) I went to supper with Aaron and Jesse. We sat down with Fallon and a couple others and discussed WoW (world of warcraft) among other things. I’ve discovered the joy of connecting with people, I normally wouldn’t, through this game 🙂 After that I went to Opera practice for 3 hours… which was slightly frustrating because the set keeps changing and so blocking keeps changing. PLUS my feet started killing me by the end and now my back really hurts. Then Fallon helped me with a song for voice lessons for about a half hour or so. I just had a good conversation with Meryl and Lina from my floor about religion on campus. And that’s that. Now I’m off to my human sex homework. Here’s something to leave you with that I find exceedingly funny.

Wasn’t that great!




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14 02 2005

heh, right as I came to your blog Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from mary poppins started playing on my itunes list. it’s a wonderful movie 🙂

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