The things people don’t post

8 02 2005

Today I slept in till 11 πŸ™‚ it felt good. Then I visited with my little sis. She invited a friend to join us and this girl was obnoxious and loud, but I tried to be accommodating and not show my annoyance. Sometimes I’m simply appalled at the youth today (now I feel really old) I mean, were we like that? After that Jesse came over for a bit and then Marriage and Family. We talked about dating… which was an interesting discussion. I worked on a group project for a bit after class and then spent 2 hours in the ceramics lab. I made a really awful cup, the parts for a teapot (also not so good), and the dishes for two wall sconces. Then I made enshima (a stiff African porriage used sort of like rice, only eaten with your hands) and had leftovers from the Kenyan meal on Friday. I studied for a while, I think I might have played some WoW, and then Jesse and I studied for the Cultural Anthropology test that’s tomorrow morning. Oh!, and somewhere thrown in there Sol helped me with some of my voice lesson music. I hate the fact that I can’t play piano 😦 sigh. Anywho, off to bed. Sleep tight everyone.

P.S. have you ever wondered about the things people don’t post…. I wonder….




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8 02 2005

Well, *now* I’m wondering… πŸ™‚

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