A typical day in the life of Steph

1 02 2005

Music: something playing on Meryl’s computer

So, today. Well, I got up for cultural Anthropology after hitting the snooze 3 times. I still got there before he really started šŸ™‚ During class Eric was tring to give an example of how primates are aware of the “mind sets” of others. In other words, they have a concept of what other primates would think of certain things and actions. His example? That Luke and I were mates and Zeb wanted to mate with me which Luke didn’t like, so Zeb would hide behind a rock to groom me so that Luke wouldn’t see. He had no idea how many nerves he was close to hitting. I thought it was pretty gosh darn funny, plus the fact that he demonstrated “grooming” by petting my shoulder. I like Eric, he’s an interesting one. Then I had lunch at the Fraker, it was really good, I had broccoli cheddar soup and chicken penze or something like that. Then off to work. Followed by ceramics. I made a shallow dish, two tall glasses, and a small cup which I might turn into a mug and mixed clay. After that I said hi over IM to Crystal, who’s in the hopital for what she calls a “tune up” so pray for her if you think about it. Then hurried over to Women’s choir. I love women’s choir, it’s so much fun and I’m singing second alto which is really low. For a little while I played World of Warcraft and then went to supper. I had an interesting conversation about politics with Nick Gingrich (sp?), Darron Sholwalter, and a couple other people. And now it’s now šŸ˜‰ Next I go to opera practice and then I close the coffee shop. Have a good night everyone. Sweetest dreams to you all.




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3 02 2005

Your story about grooming and mating is really funny, got to love those weird triangles! It is interesting that you were talking about that, because the IMAX movie I just saw discussed some of those issues about chimpanzes and how they are so much like humans. Anyways it is good to see you updating again, I always like hearing what is going on in your life. Oh and I assume it is okay if I crash with you and Meryl over the weekend?

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