Time and space

17 01 2005

Music: All I ask of You from Phantom of the Opera (from Meryl’s computer)

I can’t wait to see the screen version!!!!!

I really enjoy rooming with Meryl. It’s nice to have someone else roaming about, and who I can talk to, and who I’m sort of kind of accountable to. The opera’s going well, I really like my part. Today we didn’t have any classes, so I got up and cleaned the room some and then had lunch with Jesse and Meryl at the Fraker. This afternoon I worked on my cultural anthropology homework for a while before playing some World of Warcraft. Sigh, I’m slightly embarrassed by this new hobby of mine, but it’s fun and I can play with Jesse. It’s a computer game that you play on-line, so you’re playing with lots of people who are also playing. It’s slightly Tolkeinish. Then I went home really quickly before work. It’s sooooooo…. cold in the coffee shop! Then I worked in the ceramics lab for an hour and a half or so. I’m doing a series of women figures that represent the elements- fire, earth and water. I can’t think of a way to do wind, so I’m just not. I like them 🙂 but this last one didn’t go as well as I had hoped. Yesterday Thushan talked at Jesse’s church and Jesse and I and Meryl went and then had lunch at Jesse’s house. I love spending time at his house, it’s comfortable. I really like his parents. That’s a blessing.

The biggest blessing recently has been my ability to time manage and sleeping schedule manage better. Not perfect mind you, but better. That’s a real blessing and I hope it continues. And on that note, I should go. Night all 🙂




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