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9 01 2005

Music: Il Pirata: Scena Ed Aria, Atto II: Col Sorriso d’Innocenza by Renee’ Flemming


I’m not doing as well with keeping up with the blog as I had hoped, but, I do what to report that I got the part of Ida in Die Fledermaus. She’s the sister of Adele, and while she’s a small part, she’s considered a principle. Practices start tomorrow night. I’m still not done with my rooms, but I’m getting there. I’ve been hearing from my parents, so they’re safe. welll….. I should sleep now. More tomorrow hopefully 🙂




2 responses

9 01 2005

Congradulations on the part! Are you excited about it? Who else got parts? Also I forget did you confirm which dates you would be spending the night at peace house with me? I forgot 🙂

10 01 2005

Congratulations, Steph! Wish I was going to be there to see the opera. Good luck with all your practices!

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