back to school

4 01 2005

Music- Lonestar by Nora Jones

We’re back at it tomorrow. I’d feel ready for classes if it weren’t for the fact that my old room still has a bunch of stuff in it and my new room with Meryl is a complete mess. But things are starting to fall into order. I’m excited about my classes this semester. I’m taking Ceramics II, Human Sexuality, Cultural Anthropology, Marriage and Family, Voice lessons, and a credit for being in the opera. Today I tried out for the opera tonight. hopefully I did well. Well, I think that’s all I have energy for tonight. Good luck with your classes tomorrow if you’re a Goshen student. Katie- good luck with all the stuff you have coming up. Night all.




One response

6 01 2005

Thanks, Steph! Good luck to you too in your upcoming semester. Your courseload looks like fun – don’t wear yourself out!

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