The Year In Review

31 12 2004

Music: Allison Krauss Down to the River to Pray

Well, I thought about doing a little review of the year and then I saw Katie’s blog and decided I should. I’m a little nervous about it though, because what have I done this year? It doesn’t feel like I’ll have much to say, but here goes.

January and February were pretty non-descript. I didn’t really like living at home, and spent most of my time in the quad on Yo Four South. I joined a small group at my church. Spring break was definitely a highlight 🙂 The trip to Georgia with Abby and Katie was one of the best roadtrips I’ve ever been on. And my friend Abby from Oregon came out to visit me right afterward so that was great. The rest of the semester was filled with getting stuff done and getting ready for a sophomore recital. For Sadie Hawkins I asked a senior 😀 That was a stretch even for me! Mayterm was eventful. We started the movie club at Chad’s, I lived up in the quad with Libby, and had my shortest relationship ever. Then I went to Oregon. Living with Jennifer and her family again was a wonderful experience. There’s so much I’ve learned from that family. I worked at their pizza shop and tried picking blueberries once. I think I made about $1 an hour 😦 I also started violin lessons. And of course fell in love. That definitely was the best thing that happened all year. I came back to Indiana for a little over a week to attend the Region III conference of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. That was really stressful, but extremely rewarding. Then back to Oregon for about 2 weeks. Then school started and things got busy again. Jesse and I took a swing class. Abby and I discovered the wonderful world of renaissance fairs 🙂 thanksgiving was fun and I was glad to see Karis, Matt and the kids again after almost a year. I also got to meet Jesse’s older sister Erin and her husband Keith. I started meeting with a girl from the community for lunch with the big brother big sister program. Some of the girls (and Thushan) and I went up to Chicago and had a wonderful time with Jess’s family. And then the year ended nicely with a lovely Christmas with my parents, Lenora and Tobias, and Andre’. Mom and Dad and Lenora and Tobias headed off to Tanzania last Tuesday. Mom will be gone a month and Dad two.

I think that’s all. It’s amazing how much stuff we do that we never remember! Ah well, here’s to another year 🙂 Cheers!




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