Future Plans

16 12 2004

Anyone who knows me really well knows that I’m a planner. I plan things, small things, big things, but most of all, I plan my future. I think I need to stop apologizing for that fact, feeling guilty for it, etc and just accept that that’s what I do. I know that things do and WILL change, but it’s still ok to have a plan as long as you’re willing to give it up or change it if necessary. So anyways, I’ve been thinking/planning a lot in the past week. Here’s what I see

I’m going to China this fall, that’s a given. Then maybe I’ll travel some after we’re done with Abby and Meryl. Then back to Goshen for Spring semester where I’ll move back in with my parents. That summer I need to do my TESOL field experience which I’ll probably do in Goshen to save money. Abby’s also doing her’s then so maybe we can get something together. It would be nice to have someone else having the same experience. Then one more semester of full time classes. Now comes the unknown. I figure I’ll probably stay at Goshen for the Spring semester and take my last French class. If I can get a job at the college I can take the class for free. The other good thing about staying at Goshen is then I could be in the musical 🙂 What would be amazingly awesome, is if the ASL program could finally be given a receptionist position. I have lots of receptionist experience, know the inner workings of the ASL program, and also have an inside track to the admissions process. What better candidate? Then…..it gets more fuzzy. It would be really cool to spend the next year up in Chicago in an apartment in Evanston with Jess and Becca and maybe Abby or whoever else is interested. From there there’s less planning, but truthfully it depends almost entirely on whether or not Jesse and I are still dating, so I try not to feel to set in any one plan beyond that point.

So that’s what has been on my mind. Yesterday I got up, helped my mom clean house, went to work for a while and then went to the brew with Jesse. It was nice to just sit and talk and enjoy a cup of earl gray. I had small group after that which we basically just spent chatting. I found out about this blog called RealLivePreacher.com. Really interesting, I highly recommend it (as does Glenn Gilbert if you know who that is) it’s on of the 100 most read websites! Then I went home and ordered all my books for next semester. I saved $100! 😀 that made me really happy. The it was off to bed to read a bit of 1984 and go to bed. I think it would be really interesting to start a cafe called the Chestnut Tree Cafe’. One interesting note about this break is how much (even though there is a strong part of me that fights it) I’ve been willing to help out around the house, do what my mom says, etc. This has been a struggle for me throughout life, but especially since I left home. Excuse my mushiness, but really Jesse’s to blame. He makes me want to be a good person. Now if only it were that easy to want to be good for my own sake……




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