Mishawaka with Mom and Grandma and lunch at Model school

15 12 2004

Yesterday, mom, grandma and I went to Mishawaka after I worked. Oh, and I made muffins in the morning. We went to Yoder department store and I bought fabric for a dress pattern I’ve had for a while. I bought some simple blue cotton and a white cotton print with a blue pattern that looks like willow china 🙂 I’m looking forward to making the dress, but it probably wont happen this Christmas break because I have so many other projects I’m working on. Then we went to another shop and then to Eessenhous for supper. I had an amazing slice of peanutbutter and chocolate pie. It was divine. In the evening I went to the brew with Dan and then we went to Zeb’s to watch the extended version of The Return of the King. Abby, Becca, Tara, Zach, David, Nathan, and Jonathan were all there and we spent most of the time cracking jokes or making fun of certain things in the movie. It was hilarious because we all love the movie. We had several Tolkien fanatics in the room, and they were making some of the best jokes. I definitely enjoyed it. But I didn’t get to bed early again! I need to start going to bed earlier. Today I went to visit my little sister at model. This was my second visit, and while it was a tiny bit awkward, I really enjoyed it. It really bothers me that the kids use styrofoam trays. My sister told me they get in trouble if they use the real trays that they do have some of, unless the styrofoam runs out. So destructive to the environment AND wasting tax dollars. During lunch one of her friends eat with us. The lunch was ok, but really had very little nutritional value. There was really crappy iceberg lettuce, which I don’t think any of the kids had, canned peaches, bread (which surprisingly enough was a weak attempt at wheat) and canned ravioli. I had rice too, but I don’t think that was available to the kids. Sometimes I’m really attracted to the idea of homeschooling my kids. But maybe not. The school system here in the states is just so crappy. Especially for kids who struggle with self motivation. Hummm… anyways, we walked back to her classroom and her teacher felt the need to inform me that she’s often absent and procrastinates. Her tone of voice was quite demeaning, but the teacher did say that she’s a very good student when she puts her mind to it. She reminds me of myself somewhat. I hope it goes well. Well, that’s pretty much it, I have small group tonight and I get to see Jesse for a bit beforehand, but other than that I don’t have any plans tonight. It’ll be nice to just relax (and maybe actually go to bed early)




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