First day of break at home

14 12 2004

Well, I’m home. Spent the day doing…. well, lots of random not increadibly important things, but it was good. I got up, started laundry, went to work, went to Abby’s where I had lunch and played sequence, went home, had a quite amuzing experience with Abby trying to wax our legs with a homemade recipe, gave up and took a bath (and shaved my legs), helped mum make this amazing pizza, started the novel 1984, went to Abby’s again, rented The Sepford Wives and The Prince and Me, tried to make homemade kettle corn (was semi successful) and then came home. I will never wax my legs again. It didn’t work this time all that well, and if it had worked it would have hurt like the devil and it’s just not worth it. If I didn’t have a boyfriend I would never shave again. What’s the point? Sepford Wives was a disapointment, good concept, but brushed over too lightly. The Prince and Me was just what I was in the mood for, and turned out to be a bit more than fluff. Ok, I want to write more, but it’s 1:15. Night all.




2 responses

14 12 2004

ah, the lovely memories of ripping hair off one’s legs….aren’t you glad they are now just memories:)

15 05 2010

the original stepford wives was better. nicole kidman is a remake.

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