don’t read this if you want happy thoughts

18 11 2004

Music: Everything’s Alright from Jesus Christ Superstar

So I haven’t blogged in LONG time. I don’t know, I just didn’t have the motivation…..that and Jesse got me hooked on a computer game called World of Warcraft. But I’m not playing it anymore, I deleted it! yeah for me.

I’m sick, mad at myself for failing to improve my bad habits (procratination, poor sleeping and eating habits, etc) so yeah, happiness. I mean, life is really good in the sense that I have everything I need, a wonderful man who loves me, amazing friends who accept me faults and all, so why do I feel like the world’s out to get me? Maybe I’ll take the time to write happy things later. But at least I blogged. It’s a start.




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21 11 2004

just so you know, you help make me happy, even if the world really sucks!

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