Shrub and My Future

6 11 2004

Music: None, Jessica my prospective is sleeping…..shhhhhhh 🙂

explanation of title…… think another name for Bush 😉

So Bush won……. tears, sadness, woe….. ‘nough said

Jesse and I were in the the Elkhart Truth 😀 Hopefully it wont be the last time we’re pictured together in the newspaper 😉 Ummm…… I’m still working too much. I went to the play tonight. Really good. Anna did an excellent job. Very interesting story, very sad.

So here’s the biggest news with me right now. I think I’m going to be an Interdisciplinary major with focuses in ASL, TESOL, and Sociology/Anthropology. I’m excited about this and scared about this. I’m morning the lose of security post grad, but glad that I feel like this is the best fit for me right now. And I can always come back and finish up with ASL. Well….. I can try. See the biggest problem that I’m beginning to face is the fact that I have a fairly slow processing time. This may be something that I can train to be faster at, but it’s also possible that I’ll never be fast enough, and just don’t have the ability to be an interpreter. Although there are still things that I could do within the interpreting field most likely, like interpreting for plays that I have memorized etc. Things that I don’t have to process how to interpret in the moment. While I realize that I’m making an informed decision and that one of the biggest reasons for the decision is this thing that I cannot really control, it still feels kind of like failing, like giving up, like just one more thing that I couldn’t do just because I didn’t try hard enough, didn’t give enough energy too. But I have hope that this is the right decision and well….. I just pray that it’s the right




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7 11 2004

I think you made a really wise decision and I hope it all works out for you (I am sure it will!) 🙂

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