Pink icing in the sky

25 10 2004

Music: The God’s Love Nubia from Tim Rice’s Aida

I have a really cool view from my seat here at the computer. For those of you who do not know, my desk is right next to the window. Over my right shoulder I look out into the world….and my window faces west (towards Oregon! 🙂 so I get to see the sun set if I’m here at that time and the sky is clear. Today was really beautiful with clear skies and sun. And the sun is moments from leaving us for the day. There’s just a crest of peach coloured sky over the Umble center.

I started work in the coffee shop at 9 this morning. Then admissions at 11:45. Then class at 1:00. I made an appointment with Ruth tomorrow to talk about my PMS symptoms….seriously, I’m through dealing with it by overdosing on Midol and then suffering. I can’t function this way. Although the way I feel when the pain goes away is great. It’s like being really light and happy for no reason at all. It sneaks up on me so that all at once I notice I’m not shuffling around kindof gimpish like anymore and I don’t clutch at my stomach every few minutes. Sure the pain isn’t usually perminately gone, but it’s a brief respite and that’s always welcome. I also made an appointment with Bill to take a look at my neck. I injured it in gymnastics about 5 years ago and it seized up and wouldn’t function right for about 3 days. I walked around with my head perminately resting on my relaxed shoulder, a position I cannot assume naturally. It’s happened about 3 times since then, usually brought on by stress. I feel like that might happen again, so I want to stop it before it does. I also worked with Fallon on my voice lesson pieces and had my voice lesson. I have night class in a bit. Sigh…..I’m never going to feel caught up in my classes am I! The past few days has been a delicate balance between hope, joy, despair and frustration. But right now hope is winning out, so I shall relish it.

And darkness has fallen, so I’ll end. Goodnight world. God grant that you are more peaceful in the morning.




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