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22 10 2004

music: Only Hope from A Walk to Remember

Yeah, it’s been a while. sigh, what to say. Today I didn’t do much, but yesterday I had some interesting experiences. I shadowed Myron on an interpretation. There were several aspects of it that made it extremely interesting. I’d talk about it, but it’s that whole confidentiality thing, especially this one. I also talked to Myron alot on the way there and back. I mentioned the fact that I have a hard time with speed in interpreting using ASL. He agreed with me and said that I would just have to decide what I wanted and what I was willing to give to be an interpreter. He mentioned that there are other options for using ASL in a occupation.

Another interesting thing was that Becca and I had iniciated the revival of a childhood tradition of Assembly’s that had fallen by the wayside. We both have very fond memories of the lantern festival from when we were little children. David also remembers it fondly, but it was already discontinued by the time Abby and Zeb came along. We made lanterns out of tin cans by punching holes in the side in patterns and then sticking a candle in the bottom. Then we went around the neighborhood to houses where we know people and sang carols about light. Ummm…. it was wonderful, but a bunch of little kids running around can be a bit never wracking. There’s one really cute song about a jack-o-lantern that I particularly love. It was interesting to see that although I had not sung many of the songs since I was very young, I remembered them very well, even some of the words. Singing has been such an important part of my life.

Today…. well, I haven’t been very productive, but Abby, Jess, Becca and I took Libby out for her 20th birthday. We went and hung out at Steak and Shake and just generally had a hysterical delicious time. 🙂




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