Back to the grind…. and other things

14 10 2004

Yesterday, Jesse and I painted a big shed door at my house. It was fun 🙂 Break has been really good. I’ve spent alot of time with Jesse and I like that, he seems to as well, so it works 🙂 We spent Tuesday night at his house cooking dinner and then spending time with his family. John and Barb (his parents) totally creamed Jordan, Jesse and I at cards.

Last night Crystal, Jesse and I watched the debate. The whole thing was infuriating! Why can’t they just answer straight! Why do they have to wiggle around things and constantly attack their opponent? Uggg…

After work in Admissions yesterday, I went to South Bend with Mom 🙂 We eat at that little Thai resterant and then went to some other shops in town. Abby and Becca almost ran me down at the UP mall! 😉 Becca’s such a crazy driver….. It was nice to spend time with Mom and just talk. Find out what’s going on in her life, and fitting a few more peices in the puzzle of her life before I was born (there’s alot of it, she was almost 40 when she had me) I’m going to learn how to quilt 😀

The night ended happily with a visit from Abby…. such a wonderful woman… it was nice to just touch base and chat (I hadn’t seen her for like…..24 hours!!!! 😉

Sigh…. and that brings us to this morning and classes. uggg……




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14 10 2004
Sol(omon) - Dragon Slayer

Yeah, what’s up with the attacking? Do they do it because they think it’s the best way to sway voters? Is that true? I mean, if a serious, polite, honest, and nice candidate ran would he/she lose by a lot?

On a side note, should I be writing everything in question form? How long can I ramble on while making every sentence inquisitive?

15 10 2004

why thanks for considering me a wonderful woman, I think you are pretty gosh darn special yourself!

15 10 2004

Hmm, attacking…my theory is that because of our ideas of a strong leader (macho, not taking crap from anyone) someone who didn’t answer attacks would drop dramatically in the polls or be regarded as a weak leader.

Of course, our society has some problems…

It’s always annoying when no one will answer the questions. But how did the debate go, overall?

Have you guys ever played the question game?

Abby and Steph, you two are so cool I don’t know what I’d do without you. (big grin) Hugs to you both.

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